Sight Saving Surgery for Faruk

Bahiredin's heart sank when he noticed his young son, Faruk, struggling with his sight. The left eye appeared misaligned whenever Faruk tried to focus on things – a condition known as strabismus, which can have serious consequences for a child's vision if left untreated.

And when Orbis arrived in Ethiopia to deliver strabismus surgical training, Faruk received the surgery he needed – and at no cost – thanks to caring and generous people like you.

Bahiredin (Faruks Father)

We nev­er thought Faruk would be able to go to school any time soon. But now he is def­i­nite­ly going. And for this, we are very grateful.”

Faruk now has clear vision and a brighter future ahead, and Bahiredin is especially thankful to Orbis supporters for helping ensure his son has healthy sight. The loving father shared,
This is Bahiredin from Ethiopia with his young son, Faruk.

This is Bahiredin from Ethiopia with his young son, Faruk.

Did you know that 75% of learning is visual?

Children like Faruk need good eye care to prevent them from falling behind in their studies, dropping out of school, and damaging their ability to reach their full potential and thrive.

Every parent desires the best for their children, and Bahiredin was no exception. By ensuring Faruk's vision, he opened up a world of possibilities, allowing his son to see the beauty around him as he grows up and chases his dreams.

By delivering sight-saving care in Ethiopia, Orbis helps make healthy vision a reality for little boys and girls – giving parents the chance to share the wondrous sights of the world with their kids.

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