The future looks bright for Ashenafi

Thanks to your support and the help of the Orbis community outreach programmes, Ashenafi can now see clearly – but this wasn’t always the case.

For the past few years, Ashenafi struggled to see clearly. At school, he sat in the front row to ensure he could see the blackboard, but more recently, even sitting right at the front didn't help. As a result, Ashenafi often depended on his friends to let him copy them.

Ashenafi attended the hospital, got his eyes checked, and received a prescription for eyeglasses. But unfortunately, Ashenafi's family could not afford to purchase the glasses.

A couple of months ago, the local optometrist (Tariku) held a screening day at Ashenafi's school after the teacher, trained in basic eye care by Orbis, recognised several students in the school were struggling with their vision. Ashenafi was among the screened students, and finally, he received his first pair of eyeglasses – free of charge.

Ashenafi's story shows how sometimes easy solutions, such as proving glasses, can change the world. By providing eyeglasses to Ashenafi, he could continue his education and enjoy school with his friends.

Attending school is not only vital to gaining an education, but it can also be vital in preventing eye diseases like trachoma. In school, students can attend school eye care clubs where they learn the importance of hygiene to keep their eyes healthy.

It has been a long wait, but now Ashenafi gets to wear his well-deserved eyeglasses which let him see his surrounding very clearly.

I am very, very hap­py, final­ly I can see prop­er­ly” said Ashenafi after hav­ing tried on his brand-new eye­glass­es. He said he was grate­ful and filled with happiness.

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Just €15 will buy, prescribe and provide a pair of glasses for a child in Ethiopia

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