Community Screenings Saving Sight

During a recent community screening in the small village Wolkitae town three of Asma's children were screened for trachoma, a painful eye infection and unfortunately, Neima and Sitra unfortunately showed clear signs of active trachoma.

Asma (35) with her children Rahimush (12, no trachoma symptoms), Neima (3) and Sitra (6) (both have active trachoma symptoms)

In the remote village Wolkitae town, where Asma and her husband live with their six children, life is challenging without basic amenities like electricity, clean water, and proper sanitation facilities. To access clean water, community members must take on a 2.5 to 3 KM journey. Asma and her husband work tirelessly as farmers to provide enough food for their children and support their education. Like most farmers in their village, they cultivate bananas, coffee, and teff flour, which is essential for a traditional Ethiopian dish called injera.

Asma never imagined that her daughters would be affected by trachoma. She was taken by surprise when Orbis trained Health Integration Workers diagnosed Neima and Sitra with this serious disease during their visit to the village. Initially, Asma thought their eye problems were minor and treated them accordingly. But now, faced with the reality of trachoma, she is filled with fear and sadness for her children's health and well-being.

Asma is relieved and grateful that her daughters have been diagnosed and treated for trachoma, easing her worries. She now understands the importance of hygiene and emphasizes the need to keep their neighbourhood, toilets, and courtyard clean to protect the community from trachoma. With this newfound awareness, Asma is determined to prevent the spread of the disease and ensure the well-being of everyone around them.

Asma dreams of a better future for her children, where they receive a good education and have the opportunity to become doctors or engineers. She wants them to gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to make a positive difference in the world. As they grow and become independent, Asma envisions a brighter life for the whole family, filled with support and stability.

Join us in making a difference for families like Asma's.

Your donation can provide crucial support, education, and medical care to children affected by trachoma.

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