Orbis UK

Launched in 1997, our UK office was set up to raise awareness of the issue of avoidable blindness, to inspire people to donate and to support the delivery and financial management of our Africa and Asia programs.


Orbis UK (Orbis Charitable Trust) is a registered charity in the UK. Our fundraising and support office in London provides vital funds and assistance towards our global commitment to eliminate avoidable blindness. In 2016, the team raised £7,588k.

These funds supported 24 projects across 12 countries. With these funds we enabled 36,733 training sessions for doctors, nurses, community health workers and others and the delivery of over 10.8 million medical and optical treatments, surgeries and antibiotics.

Contact Orbis UK

Phone number: +44 (0)20-7608-7260

Address: 6th Floor
10 Lower Thames Street

Freepost RTZE-GAZU-ZCEJ, Orbis, 6th Floor, 10 Lower Thames Street, LONDON, EC3R 6AF (no stamp necessary but using one saves sight)​

Registered charity number 1061352. Company number 3303689

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