Vision Restored: Salsawi's journey to healthy eyesight

At around two years old, Salsawi's parents started noticing symptoms of strabismus. Being at risk of having life-long vision problems, his father brought him to Hawassa University Referral Hospital, where Orbis was organising a week's surgical and training program. Here, Salsawi was able to get the surgery he needed.

Salsawi is the third child of his parents and will be turning 9 years old soon. His parents started to notice something was not right with his eyes around his second birthday.

Salsawi had a condition known as strabismus, which causes the eyes to look in different directions when focusing. As it did for Salsawi, strabismus typically occurs in early childhood and, if not treated early on in life, it can have a permanent effect on a child’s vision – and even lead to blindness.

Salsawi's parents immediately took him to a private clinic, where they were told to get him an eye patch to help with his eye alignment. His father went to Hawassa University Referral Hospital in an attempt to find the prescribed eyepatch, but instead, he found something he couldn't have imagined.

One day after Salsawi went in for surgery his parents were notified of the successful treatment.

The program that treated Salsawi was led by Dr. Daniel E. Neely, who is a volunteer faculty member with Orbis International and teaches physicians in developing countries around the world. He was accompanied by Dr. Andrew Choyce, who contributed to the training by delivering anesthesia programming.

Salsawi's parents expressed gratitude to Orbis, urging them to continue providing the much-needed support, stating, "we are grateful for the opportunity we have received. He is doing so much better, (and) the way they talk to us and treat the children was stunning."

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