Eyes on Education

Kezira was forced to drop out of school a few years ago due to poor vision. However, thanks to the support of people like you, Orbis provided Kezira with eyeglasses to enable him to get back to his education.

For Kezira, he initially had problems seeing the backboard, but over time, as his sight deteriorated, he struggled to keep up, and eventually, he gave up and left school. The lack of sufficient eye care services in Ethiopia means children are not getting the required vision tests or access to glasses. A simple eye test, readily available in Ireland for my children, would have enabled Kezira to remain in school. In order to support his family and avoid being a burden to them, Kezira took on daily labour in the bustling city of Addis Ababa despite his vision challenges.

School Eye Screenings

Kezira heard that Orbis was conducting a school eye screening in his old school. Despite his own difficulties, he felt compelled to visit the school he once attended and was fortunate to have his eyes examined. The diagnosis was staggering - he had a vision impairment of minus seven, rendering his world nearly invisible. Yet, his determination to push forward never wavered.

Luckly, Kezira received a new pair of glasses that transformed his world thanks to the support of kind-hearted individuals like you. With a newfound vision, he dreams of pursuing his education in the upcoming year. He was extremely grateful and his happiness was evident as he exclaimed, "I feel happy! Thank you, Orbis."

Providing basic eye care means so much more than saving sight. It enables a child to return to school to gain an education or an adult to go to work to provide for their family. When children receive an education, it can transform their lives and help break the cycle of poverty.

Your Support

We need your help to ensure no children are forced to leave school this year due to vision loss. Please donate whatever you can, and Orbis will continue to train teachers and healthcare workers in basic eye care, so students can be screened and receive the treatment they need to continue their education

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