Kusse's Story

Kusse is very shy, but when he speaks about school, he can’t help but smile – it’s clear that he loves it.

Kusse Wants to Be a Teacher When He's Older!

He is in third grade and loves environmental science; but he is he came to the clinic because of difficulties he was having seeing the blackboard in the classroom.

Kusse told us that he gets nervous when he can’t see.

He can see his friends writing from the board and finds it very frustrating when he can’t see.

His brother Oltisha, who came to the clinic with him, proudly told us that, despite his eyesight problems, Kusse always comes first in his class.

Kusse says that his friends let him copy their notes from the board, and he studies this way. But this is creating a lot more work and frustration for Kusse.

They came to Karat District Hospital, where an Orbis supported cataract surgery outreach programme was taking place. However, after a brief chat, a Snellen chart is attached to the wall, and Kusse is tested for refractive error. It quickly became clear that he was short-sighted.

A health professional was called to diagnose Kusse properly, and he soon had a small pair of glasses – that will make a big difference.

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