Gebre's Story

Gebre, from Gurage Zone, and was 55 years old when he lost his eyesight due to cataracts.

Gebre previously sold traditional/local fabrics, which are used to make traditional dresses and scarfs.

In September 2020, Gebre unfortunately had to give up his job when his eyesight worsened. He was getting increasingly worried about his family’s financial situation. Gebre’s wife works in the home and 2 of their 7 children are still living at home. Gebre started farming because he could no longer carry out his previous work. But farming was challenging, but he had to do something to support his family.

Gebre says, “When I heard about the service being provided at this health centre, I did not think twice. I needed to come here to find a solution.” We first met Gebre at this Orbis supported health centre.

Then Covid-19 hit and made his situation even more challenging. “My only option is to protect myself and my family by wearing a mask, washing hands regularly, and avoiding mass gatherings.”

Gebre had successful cataract surgery on both of his eyes. The day after his surgery, Gebre was very happy to witness a remarkable vision improvement in both of his eyes. He said: “I can see clearly now. I regret not coming to this health centre earlier. If God wills, I will take some break until my eye get stronger, and then I’ll go back to work!”

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