Global Strategic Plan (Executive Summary)

The Orbis 2022-2026 Strategy advances our core programming, coupled with new strategic initiatives and operational enhancements to amplify our desired impact: to increase equitable access to eye health services and improve the quality of life of the communities we work with.

At Orbis, we believe that no one should live a life of unnecessary blindness, simply because of where they live.

Unfortunately, the reality is that 43 million people are blind worldwide and a further 295 million people are living with moderate-to-severe visual impairment. Most of these cases are preventable or treatable. Despite progress made in the provision of eye care over the past 30 years, significant challenges remain in preventing avoidable vision loss. Challenges include inequity in access to and quality of prevention and treatment services, gaps in human resource capacity and lack of integration with other health services, among others.

At Orbis, we know the only way to make a real difference is to strengthen overall health systems so people can access the quality eye care they deserve when they need it. Our fight against avoidable blindness began in 1973 and was made stronger with the launch of our first Flying Eye Hospital in 1982. Our amazing team of volunteer faculty has flown worldwide, providing training and education to local eye health partners but we have also adapted and expanded our approach to better meet today’s needs. The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge barrier in public health service delivery worldwide, but our early investments in virtual learning technology have allowed us to quickly adapt and continue serving communities in need.

While our organisational mission and vision remain the same, our pathways to achieving these aspirations continue to evolve to match the changing environment.

To do this, we are organising our strategy around five goals:

1. Orbis is a leader in ophthalmic training and services delivery with sustainable programmatic impact that achieves quality of life improvements and value for money (and with evidence to prove it)...

Leveraging the increased focus of governments and funders on realizing universal health care (UHC), Orbis will work to integrate eye health within primary health care through advocacy, strategic partnerships, research, and direct implementation of programming where it makes sense.

2. Orbis is an inclusive organisation that embraces diversity and equity across all aspects of our work and prioritises partnership with other diverse and equity-focused entities...

We will become an employer of choice. Internally, this includes ensuring that our staff and leadership composition reflects the diversity of the people we serve, that every Orbis employee feels empowered to bring their full self to work, and that our policies ensure equity of opportunity for all team members. Externally, this includes mainstreaming diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into our program design such that we reach those most in need—especially girls, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and displaced persons—with culturally competent care.

3. Orbis is an organisation with diverse and multi-year institutional funding...

We will increase our ability to secure and manage large-scale, multi-year restricted funding from bilateral and multilateral organizations to expand our work and impact opportunities. This will require us to strengthen our partnership engagement and business development capabilities, upgrade our grants and program management models, and standardize our internal operating systems to fulfill funder reporting and learning requirements.

4. Orbis is recognised as a trusted thought-leader and innovator...

As COVID-19 has accelerated the push towards digitization in healthcare, we will retain our position as a leader in telemedicine, investing in innovative technologies for training and service delivery that are cost-effective, high impact and appropriate for low- and middle-income countries to grow the scale, reach, and opportunities for our ophthalmic services.

5. Orbis is an organisation with efficient systems supported by a culture of learning...

All Orbis offices and affiliates have clarity of purpose and work effectively to advance our mission. This will involve clarifying roles, responsibilities, and expectations for every team and employee— reinforced through enhanced performance management systems—and ensuring that every project is guided by clear impact outcomes and KPIs that are tracked, reported on, and used for strategic decision-making

Partnerships, technology, learning, and equity are the cross-cutting themes that form the foundation on which we will build

Over the next five years, we will continue to adapt and refine our strategy as the environment changes – agile and responsive programming will be crucial to our success. We are determined to not only give people their sight back today but also to help build a legacy of quality eye care – ensuring no one goes needlessly blind tomorrow.

A full version of the Orbis Global Strategic Plan is being developed for external audiences and will be available soon.

For more information on Orbis's Global Strategic Plan, please contact Diane Weatherup.

Phone number: 0872588173

Address: 20-21 St Patricks Road

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