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Is your birthday coming up? A simple way to celebrate your birthday is to set up a Facebook Fundraiser.
Even if your birthday isn't coming up, you can still set up a Facebook fundraiser and raise vital funds for Orbis.

Birthday Fundraisers

In advance of your birthday, Facebook will send you a notification, prompting you to set up a fundraiser in a few quick steps. No need for sponsorship cards, bank details or collecting money in buckets. It's all taken care of online, all you need is a Facebook page. All funds raised come directly to Orbis– there are no donation fees!

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Right-click and save this image to use for your cover image.

Setting up Your Facebook Fundraiser

Set up your fundraiser

Set up your Facebook fundraiser. If you are having trouble reach out to [email protected]

We will be notified that you have started the fundraiser. We'll keep in touch and give you a hand when you need it. Once your page is set up we will send you a thank you post on your page to let your supporters know about your amazing work.

Share your fundraiser

Update your page regularly - your supporters love to hear how you're getting on, so. Share the fundraiser with all your friends, family and co-workers. If you have yet to reach your target you can ask them to help you get there.

  • WhatsApp - Use the 'Share' button on your Facebook fundraiser and click on “Share in WhatsApp” and select the groups/contacts.
  • Tweet it - If you use Twitter, tag us (@ORBISIreland) so we can re-tweet your event!
  • Instagram it - If you use Instagram, post a picture and tag us (@Orbis_ireland) and we'll share your story.


Make sure to thank your donors on both your own Facebook page and the Fundraiser page itself. We will post a 'thank you' also so your donors know that the money came to us. Let your supporters know how much it means to you and to us to have such wonderful support.

For more information or support reach out to Ciara

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