Kunse Helps His Mother Through Surgery

Kunse, a 13 year old boy, was terrified at the thought of his mother's surgery. However he was consoled by the Orbis-trained eye care worker and supported his mother throughout. Now his mothers sight is restored...  Read More »

Aylito Gets her Sight Back

Ayito lived with the fear of losing her sight and not being able to take care of her family, until she received a simple, 20-minute sight saving surgery from an Orbis-trained eye care worker.  Read More »

Women Working to Change Attitudes

Azeb recognises that being blind in a rural village in Ethiopia is extremely hard. She is dedicated to advising communities on the importance of good hygiene and sanitation in order to keep blindness at bay.  Read More »

Irish Woman Shares her Eye Care Skills

Mairead has been volunteering for Orbis for over ten years, travelling with the Flying Eye Hospital or to remote areas with limited eye care, sharing her skills with local nurses...  Read More »

Asegedech Gets Her Future Back

Asegedech, a 13 year old girl, suffering with trachoma for two years until she was treated by Tsehay, a female nurse based in the nearest health centre in southern Ethiopia... Read More »

The Health Development Army volunteer making a difference

How a mother of four in Ethiopia is leading the way in transforming the lives of her rural community... Read More »

OMEGA and Cindy Crawford Spend Time with Orbis in Peru

September 18, 2014 - Cindy Crawford and OMEGA visited Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital Read More »