Every blink was a step closer to blindness

Six months ago, Tadelech started to have problems with her eyes. First, it began with watery eyes, but this gradually worsened, and before long, the light irritated her, and the pain was excruciating and unbearable.

Luckily, her children heard about the work of Orbis at school and encouraged her to visit the local health centre for treatment. She was diagnosed with trachomatous trichiasis in both eyes, the blinding form of trachoma. Without treatment, she would eventually go blind.

In August she received surgery on her left eye. And three months later, she received surgery on the right eye. Tadelech is very grateful for the service she received due to Orbis’s support. And because the name “Orbis” was familiar to her and her children, she felt less anxious coming to the health centre.

Thank You for Being Part of the Solution

Restoring Tadelech’s sight was only possible because of people like you. You can help support the health centre to care for more people like Tadelech.

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