Orbis Film Screening at the Light House Cinema

September 2017

On 11 September, Orbis Ireland hosted the Irish film premiere of 'The Hospital in the Sky' – an Orbis Flying Eye Hospital film with Cindy Crawford at a private screening in the Light House Cinema, Dublin.

The event was well attended by a mixed gathering of aviation enthusiasts and medical professionals. Filmed over two weeks, The Hospital in the Sky follows Cindy Crawford’s journey to Trujillo, Peru, where she witnessed the life-changing treatments provided for young patients on board the Flying Eye Hospital and at the local hospital. The evening began with a drinks reception and included guest speakers Maurice Cox (Chairman of Orbis Ireland) and Bob Ranck (CEO of Orbis International). 

This event follows a visit from the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital to Dublin Airport in March of this year which welcomed over 500 individuals on board the specially designed and converted MD-10 aircraft to learn more about the sight saving work it enables. Orbis has a unique and lasting alliance forged between the medical and aviation industries to bring ophthalmic training to communities through long term partnerships with eye care institutions and through the online learning platform, Cybersight.  

Orbis continues its fight to eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide through training and sharing resources with the entire eye care team. This training and resource sharing is implemented by the generous work of Orbis volunteers made up of medical professionals from every corner of the world. Irish ophthalmologist Donal Brosnahan (photo above), has been an Orbis volunteer since 2006, when he first visited the Flying Eye Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Brosnahan spends a week every year volunteering for Orbis in Ethiopia, sharing his skills and expertise with local medical staff there.