Eye hospital in Vietnam.

Fighting Childhood Blindness in Vietnam

Our amazing Flying Eye Hospital has just landed in Can Tho, Vietnam, ready for its second programme visit ever. Our awesome staff and crew are gearing up to deliver a two week training programme alongside two local hospitals. 

While Vietnam has made significant progress to address avoidable blindness in adults, there is still a huge shortage of trained ophthalmologists to meet the needs of the 3 million visually impaired children nationwide. 

We are delighted to be back in Vietnam, working with the government and our partners to continue to help build capacity to prevent and manage childhood blindness

Dr. Jonathan Lord

Orbis Global Medical Director

Thanks to your support we are not just helping people see again today – we are building a long-term eye care legacy that will last for generations to come.

However, there is still a long way to go to ensure Vietnamese adults and children have the quality eye care they deserve.

Time is of the essence. A young child’s vision will never develop properly if they are not treated in time. Every minute they wait for treatment means they are more likely to be blind for life.

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