RUN 20/20 Virtual Challenge

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to encourage employees to stay active and motivated while supporting a great cause? Look no further than RUN 20/20!

This virtual corporate challenge is designed for individuals to run or walk as far as possible in September while raising money for Orbis. RUN 20/20 keeps the competition fun, friendly and motivating for every fitness level.

RUN 20/20 is the perfect opportunity to stay fit, compete, and connect with colleagues. With the added element of company competition, there's even more motivation to lace up those runners and hit the pavement.

Get Involved!

How It Works

The RUN 20/20 virtual challenge is straightforward.

1. Register your company, and an Orbis representative will contact you to get you set up.

2. Once registered, we will send you a link for your employees to download the app to register.

3. You choose how much your company pledges to contribute per employee.

4. Participants must run or walk as far as possible in one month (September). In doing so, they will compete against their colleagues. However, the challenge is not limited to individual competition; participants will also compete as a team against other companies and across different office locations.

5. To make participation easy and fun, the challenge will be hosted on a new app compatible with several fitness apps, including Android Phones, Google Fit, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone, Apple Health App, and Withings (Now Nokia). The app will track participants' progress and allow them to see their performance and that of other participants.

6. The leaderboard will be a crowd favourite among the more competitive RUN 20/20 participants, as it will track each participant's activity and rank them accordingly. Additionally, participants will have a daily goal to run/walk for 20 minutes every day of the challenge and earn stickers for every day they meet the daily goal.

7. Participants will join their company team and compete against other companies. The company with the highest activity average will win the challenge. Each company will work together to reach the finish line, moving through a fun map and unlocking milestones.

8. RUN 20/20 aims to build a supportive community using group chat. Participants can use chat to send photos of their progress, cheer each other on, and share tips. Orbis will send daily/weekly updates to keep participants motivated and on track to reach their goals.


William Dunne - KPMG

It is with a great sense of pride that we can say that the KPMG par­tic­i­pants have run/​walked/​jogged/​crawled in this great fundrais­er for Orbis and have raised vital funds to help with Orbis’ glob­al fight against blindness.”

For more information on the Orbis RUN 20/20 Challenge please contact:

Phone number: +35387-2588173

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