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Childhood Blindness

Every minute a child waits for treatment means they are more likely to be blind for life. When you are waiting to save sight, every minute matters.

The first few years of a child’s life are incredibly important, and this is particularly true when it comes to visual development. If a child is suffering from an eye condition and we don’t reach them in time, there is a risk that they will lose their sight permanently. 

Blindness can have devastating economic and social implications. In fact, large numbers of blind children miss out on school and lose the opportunity to fulfil their future potential.

Timely screenings for diseases like cataract, trachoma and refractive error can prevent childhood blindness, and help break the cycle of emotional trauma, social exclusion and economic hardship. Orbis is working to provide essential screenings and relevant treatments to children across Ethiopia meaning more children will have a better chance of realising their hopes and dreams. 

Children like Abenet and Ajebush from rural Ethiopia. Without Orbis's intervention, both would have suffered at the hands of preventable blindness. 

A Bright Future for Abenet

April 25, 2018

Thanks to your support, Abenet's father no longer worries about his son's future.
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"Now I can sleep at night without any nightmares about my son going blind. Now I know he is going to be fine"

Ajebush's teacher helps her see clearly

June 22, 2017

Thanks to your support and the help of Orbis's community outreach programs, Ajebush is now excelling at school in the Doyogena District of Ethiopia - but this wasn't always the case.
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