Finance and Governance

In 2020, Despite Pandemic Restrictions, Orbis Ireland Funded the Delivery Of:

  • 2,369 eye health worker training sessions
  • 11,652 eye screenings, 79% of which were for children
  • 921,471 doses of antibiotics administered
  • 1,031 eye care surgeries, including cataract and trachomatous trichiasis surgeries

To find out more about what we achieved in 2020, here's our Annual Report.

Global Strategic Plan

The Orbis 2022-2026 Strategy advances our core programming, coupled with new strategic initiatives and operational enhancements to amplify our desired impact: to increase equitable access to eye health services and improve the quality of life of the communities we work with.

Our passion and energy towards preventing and treating avoidable blindness is steadfast, but we will refine our approaches in response to the opportunities we choose to take, and the needs and priorities of our partners and the communities we work with. We will also adapt and refine our strategy as the environment changes because agile and responsive programming will be crucial to our success.

Financial Statements


Orbis Ireland confirms that our organisation complies with the Charity Regulator's Governance Code.

Orbis Ireland is governed by the Orbis Ireland Board and senior management. The Board's primary function is to agree on the policy parameters and strategic framework within which Orbis operates, to approve budgets and actions based on proposals from management and to monitor performance.

The Board meets at least four times a year. It has four standing committees: Audit and Finance; Programme Monitoring, Diversity and Governance and Fundraising

The Board is accountable to:

  • The donors, for ensuring funds donated are used effectively in pursuit of the organisation’s objectives.
  • Our programme beneficiaries in Ethiopia, for the design and implementation of effective programmes.
  • Our staff, for their welfare and safety.

Find out more about the Board of Director's

Orbis Ireland Policies

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You can contact us to give feedback on any of the above by emailing us at [email protected]

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