Medical Volunteers

Medical volunteers are the backbone of Orbis programmes. Medical volunteers from all over the world donate their time and energy to work with Orbis to prevent blindness and restore sight. Referred to as volunteer faculty, these specialists include ophthalmologists, orthoptists, biomedical engineers, anesthetists, and ophthalmic nurses.

More than 400 medical professionals are members of Orbis’s volunteer faculty pool, coming from such diverse countries as Argentina, Israel, Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, India, and the United States.

Volunteer faculty share their expertise with colleagues in developing nations through consultations, surgical demonstrations, wet lab supervision, lectures, and workshops during a Flying Eye Hospital visit or a hospital-based programme.

In addition to the routine responsibilities of carrying out their work, volunteer medical faculty have the extra challenge of working in the limited space onboard the Flying Eye Hospital or within local settings, making due with the existing equipment. Volunteer placements last between one and three weeks and can be either individual or team placements.

Orbis medical volunteers must have a minimum of four years of practical experience. Additionally, two references from current Orbis medical volunteers are required. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of Orbis’ volunteer faculty, please contact